Potential potholes in Ambunda’s title bid

I have to say that from what I’ve seen of Thailand’s Pungluang Sor Singyu thus far, there is nothing to evoke fear.

But they do say that looks can be deceiving and I’m hoping Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda’s corner has taken cognisance of this fact.

I’m hoping none of them underestimate the Thai boxer, because no one gets to be a world champion if they don’t have something special inside them.

No ordinary fighter gets to win 43 of his 44 fights, while knocking out 28 of his opponents and that is what Singyu has done so far.

I’ve heard some people, who have seen Singyu, suggesting it would be a walk in the park for Ambunda tomorrow and some have already popped bottles of champagne in anticipation of the country crowning its third world champion over the weekend.

To that, I say, the ring has no hiding places and The Rock still needs to do the work to get the title.
In the recent past we’ve had Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses fighting Ricky Burns for the WBO World Lightweight title in Scotland.

I distinctly remember Moses saying after the fight that he didn’t break into much sweat while taking on Burns.

And yet he returned without the world title, after being handed his second loss of his career.

Some suggested it was daylight robbery, but the truth is the challenger must do way more than the champion, because the judges will give the close rounds to the incumbent.

Even though Ambunda is fighting at home, he is the challenger and must go all out when fighting Singyu. Anything less will see Singyu retaining his title.

Another thing that has me slightly worried, is the fact that I’ve never seen Ambunda being knocked down. Does he know what to do if, God forbid, Singyu manages to connect with a shot that floors him? Will he be able to recover or will his dreams remain on the floor with him?

Boxing history will tell you there are many cases where a boxer got floored, only to recover and claim glory at the end.

I’m hopeful Ambunda will be able to claim glory - without the knock down, of course.

Hector Mawonga
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